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Welcome to Crypto Mecca! Our mission is to fast track you through all the time, effort, and mistakes that any beginner will make in this industry. You will Learn about Initial Coin Offerings, Mining, Purchasing, Exchanging, Selling, Buying Goods and Services with Bitcoin, along with many other Altcoins. Whatever your interests within the crypto world, you will find the answers here, or we will find them for you!

The best way to get Bitcoins is to buy them directly through an exchange like Coinbase. Another option is peer to peer. Contact us for our best offer to buy or sell. They will store them on a wallet under your login credentials.

Once you have purchased your first bitcoins, ethereum, or litecoins you can move those coins to an exchange by sending to one of the same addresses on that exchange tied into your account. Each coin has to stay on the same type of address, bitcoin on a bitcoin wallet, ether on another ether wallet, and so on.


A few of the exchanges out there are poloniex, bittrex, gdax,, hitbtc, and a few others.

Learn Crypto to earn…

Follow the links to learn how you can ride the Cryptocurrency Wave!

1) Initial Coin Offering (ICO
It is almost certain that there is a play on every one of the new offerings. They go up, they go down. Just remember, the trend is your friend and only risk as much as you are willing to lose.

2) Just buy coins and wait (buy and hold strategy)
Buy at an exchange such as

3) Sign up for faucets. Yes these will trickle coins to your account and trick it is. Most have minimum level for redemption and don’t plan on getting rich with this plan.

4) Mine
It used to be that mining and mining pools (cooperatives) would yield some coins but the cost in time and electricity was greater than the value of the coins. With the value of the coins increasing, you may be able to do this. If you want to buy a mining machine, contact us…

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