These are a list of different opportunities around the web that can generate more Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Ripple, and many other altcoins for you.

These span from everything from tumbler investments to simple crowdfunding for other people’s ideas and business prospects.

Each and every one of these opportunities will be routinely monitored by our team to ensure they are legitimate. Your success ensures our success! Keep in mind there is always risk in any program, and these are no different. We are just keeping you posted on what we have seen works for us.

Option 1: Bitpetite

Bitpetite is one of our team’s favorite programs out there, for now. The service it offers is to offer a service or tumbler to help bitcoin transactions appear even more anonymous by mixing a sender’s bitcoins with all of the other investors bitcoins and mix them all together, then send to the address supplied. With that being said you can use bitpetite in really 3 ways.

1.) Pay a fee and use it’s tumbling services

2.) Invest Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin for 6 weeks and recieve 147{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438} broken up into 1 hour dividends for every day of the 6 week time frame. Or the same for a 9 week time frame for 180{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438}. Keep in mind you are only profiting a net 47{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438} and a net 80{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438} profit respectively. What is interesting about this is that you can continue to reinvest your dividends, but you have to move them to an outside wallet, and then make a new investment. You can’t do this internally from Bitpetite’s website. You can withdraw your balances at any time as long as they meet the minimum withdrawal requirements, which are very reasonable.

3.) You can become an affiliate (yes like us) and make 10{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438}, 5{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438}, and 2{3907f9d542cd037ef1df0fd5baa9ca9f7a6a504e2e5de565dec2fd844daf4438} for your first 3 tiers respectively. We have verified this, and it does work. And pays out immediately in the form of coins into your balance.

Attached you will find real verified screenshots from one of our members.