The Coin Reviews section will be our collective predictions on any number of coins already being traded on exchanges. We collaborate with many individuals and from a variety of sources. We don’t hold anything back nor hide any of our so called tricks or hacks. Everything is as open and transparent as can be, as we believe this builds the most trust.

Crypto Mecca’s reviews will dive into everything from the administration team, market cap, trading volume, patterns, trends, social media impact, google trends, and more. We will compile all of this information into different reports, and even revise or update our thoughts on any given subject. We know nothing stays the same, so we will do our best to stay current on all reviews, and kindly ask for your participation in this ongoing task.

Obviously we can’t tell the future, we are not fortune tellers. But our reviews are compiled of rigorous amounts of homework, investigation, and even interviews with leaders within the specific coin community. If we are ever wrong, we acknowledge it, try our best to figure out where we went wrong, and take steps of corrective action.

If you have any input or other sound advice pertaining the reviews, please don’t hold back. As we said this is a collective. We are all here to see each other succeed. If you are a key component to any of our successes, you will be recognized by us and our community.

If you do have any interest in joining our community and becoming a contributor to the reviews section or anywhere else, please sign up and we will get you access! The more people we have focused on the same goal, the higher our overall chances for success there will be. Whether you are a crypto newbie or a seasoned veteran, we would love to know what your thoughts are and would love to help make a name for you here at Crypto Mecca!